Integrated Mobile Rounds System Focus on Quality Care

Product Features

Features& Advantage

Electronic record;
Acquire vital signs at the bedside at any time;

Generate nursing records and temperature charts automatically;

Reduce work intensity and complexity of nurses;

Provide high quality care to patient


Monitoring Vital Signs:

Charts and Trends:
Post-processing of vital signs parameters acquired and making charts and trends;

Patient Information Management: 
Patient information registration management of vital signs data;

Quickly Identify: 
Quickly identify patients by Quick response code scanner

Product Model

Icare LT
Standard trolley+ IRIS Patient Monitor+Pad+ICare Viewer software.

Standard trolley features:Small,Light,Easy to operate

ICare Pro

Electronic trolley+integrated PC + ICare Viewer sofware+ICare server software

Electronic trolley features: Embedded wireless
acquisition, Optional medical kits, Power/UPS system, Optional Pad/PC

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